Horse Code

by Astronomar & Swick

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When two talented young producers from different corners of the globe join forces to shatter globalized dancefloors, magic is bound to happen. Taking their cues from popping bubbles, AIM notifications and bullet ricochets, Seattle’s Astronomar and Melbourne’s Swick have banded together to bring you Enchufada’s latest club stomper, the three-track ‘Horse Code EP’. The pair’s fidgety synths and high-octane beats are wrapped up together by a thick layer of low-end badness, expertly crafted with the dancefloor’s needs and wants in mind. Imagine a late-night open-bar party kicking off around the equator, halfway between the US and Australia, and you’re starting to get the picture.
Cameron starts thing off in an energetic mood by working its skittering percussion, lazer-like bleeps and chest-rattling bassline, building up a dark and dynamic vibe until the drop comes and all hell breaks loose. Air raid sirens usually aren’t a good thing but wait until you feel this universal sign of danger on a packed and sweaty dancefloor, which will surely break out in a series of frantic dance moves that will put most seasoned kuduristas to shame.

Next up there’s the title track Horse Code, pairing up a festive funky beat with a beefy bass kick and a tough raver attitude. The dutch-house madness is in full swing as the buildup takes us over the edge and drops an insane amount of galactic synths and loopy voices on our unsuspecting skulls, resulting in a track fit only for the most adventurous and reckless crowds.

For the closing track WYWD the pair took that rugged attitude and melodic prowess and ran with it to moombahtown, creating a tropical romper halfway between uk funky and that new moombah vibe that’s spreading the latin madness across the world. As the thick bass hooks you in, the crazy bubbly melodies work their magic to create a globalized anthem that fully captures the new world order in electronic music circles.

The talented production team of Astronomar & Swick shows us why they’re leading the charge of a new breed of young club-savvy producers, bitten by the tropical bug and taking the world by storm. Stay on the lookout for these two as they take their next step towards dancefloor domination on Enchufada with the heavy ‘Horse Code EP’.


released June 25, 2012



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